Wood & Steel Trusses

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Building custom designed and engineered wooden roof trusses for commercial, residential and remodel markets.  Serving the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast.

We custom design, engineer and build all types of trusses, including:

  • commercial trusses
  • residential trusses
  • remodel roofing


Steel Trusses

Cold-formed steel trussesWe can custom design and construct steel trusses. We are an authorized Aegis Metal Framing cold-formed steel truss Fabricator.

“When you choose Aegis products you are choosing the most widely used proprietary cold formed steel systems in the market. As the largest provider of such products, Aegis and our fabricators can give you peace of mind that our structural systems have been installed in millions of square feet of commercial, institutional, and residential construction over the past decade.” – Aegis Website 

For more information about  Aegis Metal Framing, see their website here:  http://www.aegismetalframing.com/

Please call 228-868-1101 and ask for Tex or Gene for additional information.

Wood Trusses

To view our Truss book click here: Phillips Building Supply – Truss Book

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Unsurpassed Customer Service

At Phillips Building Supply we review, engineer, build and deliver wood roof trusses to the trade. Our construction professionals use the most advanced automation systems and truss design to develop top quality roof trusses for both commercial and residential building. From design to delivery, we are committed to your total satisfaction in custom designed and engineered wooden roof trusses. Contact Phillips Building Supply today for more information about our custom roof trusses for all of your roofing needs!


Roof Framing

There are two accepted building methods for roof frames — the truss frame and the conventional frame. Truss frames (also called web frames) are built at the factory and are shipped to the job site in large pieces. Once at the job site they are assembled by framing carpenters.

Truss Roof System. A truss roof system should never be altered nor should truss roof systems be converted to living or storage space. Loads are pre-calculated to handle the weight of the roof system, ice and snow. Additional weight could cause the roof system to collapse.

Characteristics of Truss Frames

  • Truss frames are webbed together.
  • The lumber may be 2? by 4? including the rafters.
  • Truss frames are joined with metal ties.
  • The roof system distributes weight to the ceiling joist.
  • The webs of lumber may resemble a “W”.



Conventional Roof Frames. Conventional roof frames (also called stick built roof frames) are constructed on the job site during the house framing phase of construction. Conventional roof frames can shift the weight of the roof system to the perimeter walls and other load bearing interior walls. Load bearing capacities are determined by the size and spans of the lumber used to frame the roof system and the floor system. Conventional roof systems can be modified to accommodate living space, skylights, dormers and other structural changes with relatively little modification.

Characteristics of Conventional Frames

  • 2? by 6? or larger pieces of lumber are used to form the rafters and ceiling joist.
  • Collar ties a few feet below the ridge beam.
  • A general open space.