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Since 1930 Phillips has been a full-service Lumber Company. Our Gulfport locations has 14 acres of lumber for all your building needs. Phillips Lumber also has its own on-site treatment plant. Every piece of our lumber is Wolmanized to ground contact expose level. Ground contact level means our lumber is pressure treated two and one half the chemical retention of above ground level. Our experience living in South Mississippi that even your above ground structures are exposed to our humidity, so you are better off building with a higher-grade of pressure treated lumber.

We also have limited warranty with our Wolmanized lumber.

Compare quality and price with lumber dealer and you will find that Phillips is your Lumber store. We are here to service you.

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Our Wolman® E outdoor wood preservative with BARamine® technology is the most advanced copper azole system on the market. Only available from us, this formulation incorporates patented technology that provides enhanced protection against decay organisms, including copper-tolerant fungi, and a deeper and more consistent penetration of preservative in the wood.

Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood is ideal for decks, retaining walls, fences, picnic tables, planter boxes, raised garden beds, walkways, sill plate and structural members. Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood, at appropriate retention levels, can be used for Above Ground, Ground Contact, and Heavy Duty Ground Contact applications

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