W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery

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We like to provide only the best quality products, and W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery is about as good as it comes when you’re talking about knives. Since 1889 they’ve been handcrafting the finest knives, knives you remember your grandpa whittling with, and the greatest part is they’re still a true American manufacturing company. They employ hard working Americans like us and we’re proud to carry their cutlery.

You can see and feel the difference when you hold one of these knives. Stop in to any of our locations and ask to check one out today!

“When you hold a Case knife in your hand, you’re holding a little piece of the American dream. A knife of this caliber can only be created in a place where pride is more important than profit … a place where craftsmen will never be replaced by machines. For more than a century, Case knives have stood steadfast as a symbol of American quality and integrity. Each is painstakingly hand-crafted from the finest materials, so no two are exactly alike. It is this character – this authentic individual spirit – that makes them the most collected knives in the world.”– W.R. Case Website