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Our Metal Products division can help you with almost any size metal construction project. From a few pieces of metal that we keep in stock at all locations to an entire metal building complete with red iron and all accessories and installation supplies. All under one roof, talk about keeping it simple!

We carry Malco sheet metal tools and Nova Flex metal roof sealant. We manufacture 7 metal profiles at our facility. We have 19 Colors (and Galvalume) in stock, in the following gauges:29, 26, and 24. We carry fasteners and pop-rivets in all the colors of metal that we supply. And if you need touch-up paint we can factory match your color too.

Below is a selection of our most common colors. Move your mouse cursor over an image to see a pop up on the color name, or click to see a high resolution image of the color with its name below it.  If you don’t see what you need, call and let’s discuss your specific situation.

Note, image colors can vary from computer screen to computer screen and the only way to be 100% sure of your color selection is to come in and look at our sample panels or ask for our color chart handout.


Here are our less commonly used colors: